Summer Holidays

Not looking forward to at least a week of this weather but we are doing okay.

We had some beach time last week (yay) but for now we are back at home with a run of 40+ degrees staring us in the face.
Our house copes relatively well. Due to the design (we thought long and hard about it) the sun doesn’t come in the windows, and the insulation and lack of West facing windows means that it is certainly cooler inside than out.
Refrigerator cool? No. Not at all.

But it is summer. And summer (especially in the country) is hot.
We have a fan in the lounge room during the day.
Cold drinks. Wet flannels. Ice blocks.
And in the late afternoon we open up our windows and let the cool mountain breezes in and the hot, stale air out.
That is the time that we head to the pool (or river or lake) and come home to a cooler house.

The blog.
Getting there is about all that I can say right now.
There *IS* a backup. I am just trying to work out how to restore it. There were some glitches – partly why it disappeared when it did – and I don’t want to reinstall them!
So for now there is a bit of a fresh start. A new look theme (which may, or may not, stay).
I will be painstakingly adding in the previous month’s worth of blog posts (that I had copies of) and will just keep moving forward.
And writing.
And taking photos.

So – how are the holidays going for you?
Are you a stay at home parent?
Or work from home juggle the kids parent?
Or not parent at all so they mean nothing at all apart from reduced traffic on the roads?
Stay cool and stay safe.

9 thoughts on “Summer Holidays

  1. Oh I know what you mean about the heat! It’s 42 degrees here in Melbourne today and I have literally only gone outside to hang out washing! Planning on taking my dog to the beach when it cools down tonight, but until then I am not moving lol! Looking forward to all of your new posts in 2014! xxx Lucy from Bake Play Smile #teamIBOT

  2. We had our hottest day last fortnight at 45.. that was awful & we spent the entire day in our air conditioned lounge room and strategically placing fans to direct the cool from that room into the bedrooms etc! The days have still been hot, but tolerable (after 45 everything seems much more pleasant) but we have gotten to the beach a few days, where the weather has been fantastic! Im a stay at home parent but was lucky enough to have Hubby home for 3 weeks plus 2 long weekends in a row! 2 weeks of holidays left for us here!

  3. I wondered about the new look, though I must say I don’t mind it. Simple and elegant it is. :)
    Funny, cause whilst the rest of Australia is sweltering, we in Darwin are having absolutely beautiful weather at the moment. That never happens!!

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