Taking stock…..

Last week was just yuk.
There is really no other descriptor for it.

We started on Monday with about 38 degrees (celcius) and then it sat above 40 until Friday.

Whilst most of the state then dropped in temperature we still had another day of 38. Really hard to cope with in our un-airconditioned (by choice) house – but the sunny side is that we managed with lots of ice blocks, fans in bedrooms, damp sarongs at bed time and time spent at the swimming pool and river.

I was over reading Kate’s blog yesterday and loved her Taking Stock post so I have done my own……

floating down the river on a lilo

walking on the slack line



Making – time for myself. Or at least trying to every day.
Cooking – not much last week so this week some favourites. Gourmet Girlfriend’s ricotta gnocchi is on the list.
Drinking – lime and soda. With lots of ice.
Reading – Clover’s Children. Before that – Don’t lick the minivan. Funniest. Book. Ever.
Waiting – for some rain.
Looking – at beautiful sunsets whilst sitting out on our deck.
Playing – different playlists that were lost and forgotten.
Wasting – time looking at the clouds.
Sewing – stuffed toys that Miss 9 designs
Wishing – all the good things for a dear friend who has just moved back to the big smoke. Another adventure. But she will be well and truly missed.
Enjoying – the company of my girls. Love ‘em.
Waiting – to see what will unfold for me and my work this year
Liking – how well my girlies are playing together. Most of the time.
Wondering – what will happen with this blog this year.
Loving – how fit I am feeling. Swimming most days. Feeling strong.
Hoping – that we have a great year at school this year.
Marvelling – at how well Miss 10 is swimming this year – her first in swim club.
Needing – to sleep more.
Smelling – fresh cool air through the open windows. So much nicer than last week.
Wearing – my fitbit. Most of the time.
Following – gardening blogs. So many ideas for our house and surrounds this year.
Noticing – how tall my Miss 10 is. Every day she seems to grow more.
Knowing – that these holidays will change….. as our girls grow.
Thinking – about so many things! Event planning going on in my head all of the time.
Feeling – content.
Bookmarking – holiday webpages. What will we do this year?
Opening – windows!
Giggling – at Miss 9 and her bestie as they play so well together.

What about you? Wanna play along?

Thanks to Pip for starting this!

I have hooked up with Essentially Jess again – Tuesday has rolled around again.

20 thoughts on “Taking stock…..

  1. I hope you have a better week this week.
    I love those games – love learning more about what you are getting up to.
    Take care and try to stay as cool as you can !

  2. I love the ‘Taking Stock’ posts. I love the calmness of summer holidays and all the awesome things we can do outside – I’m not enjoying the over 40 degree days though :)

    Hello from #teamIBOT

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