Power surge!

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I am well and truly ready for Mother Nature to take a bit of a chill pill and turn the temperature down for a little bit.

The last few days have been much better – low to mid 30’s rather than the high 30’s to low 40’s that we have been having.

As well as the fire danger times that I talked about in my stress head post  the high temperatures also bring with them the possibility of power surges or blackouts.

summer storms can bring rain but also a power surge

Summer storms make the power do weird things.  This summer we have  only had one brief blackout but with the proximity of the  current fires in Gippsland to our power stations I am expecting more.

No power is okay if it is just a short time.  Or if I know about it in the lead up.

But our house is not connected to mains water.  Which means that we have a water tank.  Which also means that we have a pump from the water tank to bring the water to our house.  Just like many other country dwellers do.

So no power also means…… no water.

The other side of the power blackout and the related surge (when the power comes back on – sometimes at a higher voltage for a brief period) is that we have many things plugged in to said power points.

Things like my laptop.

And maybe the mobile phone.

And even a tablet or two.

Items that have lots of important things on them (because I may or may not have backed them up).

Items that may no longer work if the power surge is nasty enough.

Recently I was gifted a pack of goodies from Crest to assist with storm surges.  Not difficult at all. Simply a power board to plug important things into to protect appliances.

I now have the television, computer leads and the fridge all plugged into a power board (separate ones of course) that will protect the appliances when there is a power surge.

I also have a gift pack to give away!

Leave me a comment telling me what appliance you would have plugged into a Crest surge power board to protect it.  What can’t you do without?

The winner will receive:

  • 1 x single power board
  • 1 x double power board
  • 1 x 4 socket power board 

from Crest

**Please note this competition is now closed**

The winner is Wendy Sutcliffe – many thanks for all of the entries.

This competition is open from today until Wednesday 19th February.  The most original comment will be chosen as the winner.

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4 thoughts on “Power surge!

  1. Definitely the laptop, especially as I’ve just downloaded a million photos onto it for sorting! Plus I’d probably plug in the TV, PVR and DVD player…they are expensive to replace!

  2. I would protect my external hard drive with the Crest board, it has all the photos of my children back to 2004 as well as unread ebooks and all my organising/meal planning documents. I’m paranoid about losing my photos so I regularly burn disks and back things up, but I’m always adding files to the hard drive.

  3. I’ve experienced big storms and cyclones,
    the devastation they can bring really hits home.
    My laptop I would be first to protect,
    I’d be absolutely shattered if it was to break!
    Years of photos, my memories, more.
    It’s essential to have surge power boards!

  4. We generally have the mad dash at our house when a storm is coming to unplug everything!!
    My laptop is always the first thing that is checked and can be unplugged easily, but it’s always such a hassle to unplug (and the replug in) all my husband office stuff. Running the business from home means it is so important to keep all his gear protected. That’s where it would go in our house.

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