This Week

It is waaaaaaaaay more than a week since I have been here.  My head wasn’t in the right space.

Mother nature wasn’t playing the game that I wanted to play – she was sending hot and scorching and I didn’t want to play that game anymore.  And still don’t.

I had two girls just about at the end of their school holidays and I really didn’t want to sit here in front of this screen.  I wanted to be with them.  So I was.


It is now time to get serious.  So here are some of the things that I have been doing this week.

**Wedding anniversary number 12 was celebrated.  On Australia Day.  So a bit more about everyone else and not really about us.  There is a plan though……

**Time was spent at the river.  Because we could.  Because we can reach river (2 different ones) or lake within a 10 minute drive from home.  Because we don’t do it enough.

So we did.

River Fun January

** School was started.  Two big girls so excited to head back again.  One in grade 4 and one in grade 6.  Who would have thought that we would be at the top end of school this year?  What is doing my head in even more is that my big girl became a country girl when she was in 3 year old kinder.  Lots of changes in that time.

** Tasks were ticked off lists.  As the school holis drew closer to the end I started writing a list.  Instead of sitting down and doing a whole lot of things that would take my attention away from my girlies, I wrote them down.  So that I could get them done once I had 6 hours without them every day. And that list got a hammering in the first few days of school!

** We sat on our deck.

Our house isn’t airconditioned (by choice).

And it copes relatively well with the heat.

Until it doesn’t.  And there comes a point in the late afternoon / early evening when you just have to open it all up and wait for the sweet breeze to come off the mountain range to the south east.  Cooling the house as it comes.  And until that time it is just nicer being on the deck.  Watching the clouds.  Talking.  Reading.

Summer Sky

** Thoughts were thunk.  I am not a big public new year’s resolution type person.  But I read a lot of blog posts over January where people were doing that sort of thing.  So I thought about it.  And worked out a few things that I want to achieve this year.  Things that I want to do.  And I DO have a list.  But it is folded up and put away.  I will let you know how it goes.

** I did some exercise.  Quite a bit in fact.
I have mentioned before that I can get hooked on swimming during our summer pool season (November – March).  I don’t necessarily enjoy it but I do like how it makes me feel.  So I have been swimming every day (just about).  A kilometre or so each time.  Hard.  No pussy footing around. Hoping with all my might that I can hold onto this feeling and transfer it to something else once our gorgeous summer country pool closes on the 28th March.

Swimming Jan

And I have plans for more.  I have been lurking over at Operation Move.

Joined up.

Posted a few comments.

Still only sitting back and watching but definitely watching and taking note.  There is a new runners group that I am having an argument in my head about so I might get there soon…..

** I have a FitBit – which I have managed to wear on average every second day during January (I lost my first one so I am a bit paranoid) but am more in the hang of now.

I love that it makes me accountable (to me) about what I am doing during the day. I HAVE to take notice because there is a little number there staring at me at the end of the day.  It knows!

** I read (and loved) Ruth’s post the other day about her 365 day project.

All about her.

And how successful she has been.

And I remember reading at the very start when she talked about it.

If I had started when she did then I would be in a very different place to where I am now.

** Then finally I started in with Laney at CrashTest Mummy.  She is experimenting with #myprimalyear and her photos on facebook and instagram of #paleo eating habits have been interesting.

A huge project and commitment. Not one that I think I could jump into with both feet like she has but I have really enjoyed the lunchbox pictures.  Our littlest miss is not a sandwich eater for school lunch and there are so many new ideas to try.

She is also doing what I KNOW I should be doing more often – the incidental exercise.  The walk to the shops or school.  Riding a bike instead of getting into the car.  All of that kind of stuff.  The things that I am starting to do.  To talk myself into rather than out of.  I reckon I might get there.

I also love her newest hashtag #changeforthebest

Because that is what it is.

A change for the best.

So I am hoping that with all of my thinking, and my little support network that I am putting into place, and the bits and pieces of exercise that I am doing…….. and just the fact that I have WRITTEN THIS DOWN FOR OTHERS TO READ might make me accountable.  And might just give me the push that I need.

Do it.  #changeforthebest

I have hooked up again with Jess again with this Tuesday blog post.





12 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I’m impressed with how well Laney has committed to the primal eating. I know, I couldn’t do it.
    When you talk about that sweet breeze over the mountain, and sitting on your deck, it sounds so peaceful. Makes me want to come and join you one afternoon.

  2. Great post! I think it’s really important to sit with these ideas for a while until you’re ready to try it out. I’ve been reading about certain food ideas for years but it was only a few months ago that I was ready to commit. Amazing how it can change your life when the time is right.
    I’ve signed up to Operation Move as well! Have you hiked up the Paps? I’m hoping to make it a regular thing to do – I’m sure it would be great exercise! Let me know if you ever want to get together for a walk!
    Yeah you for all of that swimming!

    • Agreed. The time just needs to be right or it is a constant fight. I am hoping this is my time.
      I have walked the Paps a few times and would love to do it regularly! Let’s do it

  3. Our back deck seems to be the best place to catch the cool breeze on hot days too. A change for the best has been on my mind, always trying to put it into action at least some of the time, better than not at all :) Best wishes for your year of change xx

    • Thankyou! Our deck is only cool in the evenings – it is on the north side of the house so brilliant and sunny in winter but rather warm in summer. Hits the spot once the sun goes down though.

    • Our town pool is lovely. The only “bad” thing is that it is 33m long so a bit hard for calculations when swimming! The list is getting there….. slowly. x

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